This Video of Cute Final Fantasy Characters Dancing will make you Squeal with Delight! | World of Final Fantasy

Your Favorite Final Fantasy Characters dancing is the most Kawaii thing you'll see today!

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Square-Enix just released The World of Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita just a couple of days ago. And while that, in itself, is already awesome, this video of the game’s Ending Credits surfaced on the net and IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!


First of all, OMG! Look at all of them do that cute little dance!! Lightning, Cloud, Squall, TidusTerra, and the rest of them are all there shimmying in the CUTEST WAY POSSIBLE!!! What’s worse is that they all look like dancing Funko Pops which make me want to buy Final Fantasy Funko Pops… LIKE RIGHT NOW!



The Kawaii levels are OFF THE CHART! I can’t take it! @___@ This will definitely be on loop for me the whole day. Enjoy! 😛

So Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3

So Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3