Video: Take a First Glimpse of the Highly-Anticipated NINTENDO SWITCH Console!

Hey paisanos! The next-step of Nintendo is here! Check out the 3-minute video and see what the gaming giant has for us in the future!

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Nintendo earlier announced via Twitter that a preview trailer for the Nintendo SWITCH (still codenamed NX that time) will be released soon! Well that “soon” is actually right now! Check out the 3-min video below on what the future of Nintendo looks like!


Did you see that??? I’m blown away by the possibilities that the Nintendo Switch brings.


So many modes you can do!



The modular goodness of the Nintendo Switch



2 Player game with one side of the controller each


From big screen to small screen to group play to gaming-on-the-go, the Switch has it covered! I simply can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Excited? You know I am! Check back here for all the latest news as it happens!