Want to Indulge Yourself? Experience the “Maid Cafe” at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016!

Get the Maid Cafe Experience right here in the Philippines TODAY at the Animax Carnival Philippines 2016!

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This year, Animax Carnival Philippines (ACPH) host its first Maid Cafe.

Maid Cafe @ Animax Carnival 2016

Maid Cafe @ Animax Carnival Philippines 2016


Similar to other maid cafes in Japan, the attendants are dressed in cute maid costumes and make their guests feel like they are masters and mistresses while they enjoy some delightful snacks and tea.

Inside the cafe there are tables that can seat a maximum of 4 people. Participants of each table gets to indulge themselves with Lady Grey Tea and delicious DOKI! Treats such as Macha cheesecakes, and OO-kun sugar cakes. 

OO-Kun sugar cakes by DOKI!Treats

OO-Kun sugar cakes by DOKI!Treats


As an added service, each table gets a chance to win a photo-op with one of the maids assigned to their table, by winning mini-games like Pocky Stick Toy, Doki Doki Gorilla, Let’s Go Fishing, Crocodile Dentist, and several Japanese mini games. Each guest is given two chances to win, and most of them get VERY competitive so as not to miss out on the opportunity.

Minigames at Maid Cafe

Minigames at Maid Cafe. Winning a game, gets a participant a chance to take a photo with one of the maids.


Should you require any assistance, the cafe also has it own Maitre d’ to manage the operations of the cafe.

Maitre d at Maid Cafe

Envy Smith is the Maitre d’ at ACPH’s Maid Cafe


Don’t miss this chance to experience the ACPH 2016’s Maid Cafe! It will be open today (October 16), starting 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Hall 1 of the SMX Convention Center. There is no additional fee to be paid to enter or for the meals at the Maid Cafe but it is strongly advised to reserve yourself a slot in the morning to secure your seat.

The maids of ACPH 2016's "Maid Cafe", organized by Ms. Catherine Jannelle

The maids of ACPH 2016’s “Maid Cafe”, organized by Ms. Catherine Jannelle