Well Excuse Me Princess! Take a Look at the Upcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Figures from Figma!

Just when you thought you were done collecting figures this year now comes this! My wallet weeps!

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What’s up with 2016? Just when I thought I was over in getting/pre-ordering figures from Figma (I’m looking at you Saitama, Dark Magician Girl and Zero Suit Samus!) here they are again with yet another awesome release! This time around from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!

This is not the Good Smile company’s first entry into the series though. They previously released Link’s incarnations from both Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds, all of which are highly detailed, well articulated and accessorized in its own right… But I think these next batch of figures really ups the notch this time!

Lets take a look first at Zelda:



She may be a Princess but she can handle herself quite well!

From the looks of it the dress might shave a few points off in terms of articulation. But what it lacks in movement clearly she makes up for in detail! Just look at the outfit!

Zelda comes with 2 face plates, a smiling and more gentle look… (Pictured above)



And another one that has a more dignified look.

Should the need arises that he needs to save herself when Link is not around (throwing chickens perhaps?) Zelda comes equipped with 2 weapons:



A Sword.



And the Bow of Light! Pretty cool right? It gets even better! Now let’s take a look at Link…



Our favorite Hero of Hyrule comes with 2 versions – A regular one that includes the Master Sword and Hylian Shield (both can be worn at the back as shown) and a fierce/brave faceplate. But you wouldn’t be content with only these right?

Well let me talk to you about the DX version! It includes everything mentioned above… Plus all of this!



Not one to lack in the weapons department, the DX version of Link comes with A LOT of accessories namely:



The Claw Shot (A modified version of the hook shot).



The Hero’s Bow and Hawkeye mask.



The Ordon Sword.



And when things get really crazy… Use the Ball and Chain of course!



Excited enough? Well you have a lot of time to save up for both of these! Pre-orders are up at the Good Smile page till October 27. Expect the figures to roll out your friendly local toy stores around May 2017! 

Pre-order links here:

Link DX version