All Systems are GO for the ROG Masters World Finals! Execration and Mineski Represent!

The hype is definitely real as we get to witness the top teams in the region look to lock horns with Execration, Mineski, Fnatic, and Team Secret! The ROG world finals kicks off at the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia convention centre!

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Not to be mistaken for peenoise pride, this is legit PINOY PRIDE ladies and gentlemen! Execration and Mineski are out for blood as they take on some of the best teams in Dota 2 at the ROG Masters!

Over the past few months, Asus and ROG have been holding out qualifiers for CS:GO and Dota 2 to find out which team has what it takes to take their game to the next level. Teams from across the region have tried and failed, with only a few looking to live out their dreams as they hope to someday be the next team Mineski or Execration. Fast forward to November 10 and here we are, the culmination of multiple qualifying tournaments held in the past months, the ROG Masters world finals!

Asus and ROG stay true to their vision of empowering gamers and this weekend is a testament to their unwavering resolve to elevate e-sports to new heights. This initiative was brought about with the intent of finding fresh talent from all across the region and giving these talents the recognition they deserve. These teams, along with several pro teams, are looking to battle it out before a live crowd in the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia convention centre and with a total of 200,000 USD to be given away, the teams are looking to take it all the way.

The top Dota 2 teams from the Philippines, Execration and Mineski, are willing to get their hands dirty along with Fnatic and Team Secret as this is shaping up to be one heck of an event! While Execration is the only team among the 4 to qualify for the Boston Major, this tournament will only serve as fuel for Mineski, Secret, and Fnatic to show the world that it was a huge mistake leaving them out of the upcoming majors.

As a BIG Dota 2 fan, I’m not only excited to see the up and coming teams that will be participating in this event, I’m also looking forward to Execration proving to the doubters that their spot in the Boston Major was well deserved. Check out the tournament schedule below to see when your favorite team will be duking it out:


How the brackets are looking going into the world finals, exciting stuff!



You can watch ROG Masters world qualifiers and final battle through the official event live stream page and if you want more information about any of the future events from Asus and ROG, please visit their Facebook pages here and here!