We know exactly what we want for our Christmas wishlist, the ROG Claymore + Claymore Core!

Can't decide on what gaming keyboard to purchase with your hard earned cash? ASUS ROG has just the perfect answer for your spending dilemma, introducing the ROG Claymore and the Claymore Core!

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The Christmas season is fast approaching and with gadgets and gizmos battling for the right to take your hard earned cash, the hardest part is really choosing what purchase will give you the most bang for your buck. The much anticipated Steam sale has just gone live and I hear the cries of wallets and credit cards from all over begging for Gaben to stop making us buy more games we can’t / won’t play! If you’ve been a victim of the sale, then you know that you’ll need a good rig to play a lot of the good games out there. Asus ROG has just the answer for you if you’ve been looking to upgrade your gaming keyboard for those intense gaming sessions, behold the ROG Claymore and the Claymore Core!



ASUS ROG recently announced the Claymore and the Claymore Core, with the Claymore Core not including the detachable numpad, perfectly rounding up the PC gaming peripherals lineup along with the Spatha and the Strix. The Claymore is the world’s first RGB LED backlit keyboard with a detachable numpad which offers users extreme customizability and flexibility. You can place the numpad on either the left or right side of the keyboard, allowing gamers to be in complete control, whether they prefer it to be on the left to suit a more MMO style of gameplay, or on the right for a more standard feel. Both keyboards feature Cherry MX switches that ensures long lasting and durable keys that can stand the test of time. Each key is individually backlit and customizable and thanks to the exclusive Aura Sync technology, you can actually program the backlights to be in 100% harmony with the rest of your ROG equipment! The key switches are not the only ones that are built to last and staying true to the ROG trademark of providing consumers with excellent quality products, the Claymore is built with an aluminum chassis with AWESOME mayan inspired details that will only make the keyboard stand out even more. Check out the pics below if you’re not yet convinced of the awesomeness that is the Claymore!





By the time you read this, you will already have decided to purchase the Claymore or the Claymore Core but where do you go so that you can throw your money at this insanely good looking piece of metal? Don’t fret, Asus will be making these bad boys available starting December. The Claymore Core will first make its debut on our shores this December, just in time for the Christmas rush, and will retail for 7,250 PHP. The bigger brother, Claymore, will make its appearance in the Philippines by January of 2017 and will retail for 9,310 PHP.