Can’t Find the Perfect Party Game to Bust Out on the Table this Holiday Season? Consider Codenames!


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    How’s your holidays so far? With the season reaching its peak, it’s not that far off to expect friends, families, colleagues, and even total strangers to be gathering to celebrate right? If so, why not bring a party game to one of your Christmas parties?

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    Oh, can’t decide on that perfect game that can hit all cylinders with a wide range of people? Might I suggest Codenames then?


    Codenames is a 2015 party board game made by designer Vlaada Chvátil. The game is played with two teams of at least two players each, (but best with 8 or more). In this game one is acting simply acting as the “Spymaster” (i.e. clue-giver), think of the game password, but with a twist!

    What better way to explain the game itself but with Rodney Smith of Watch-it-Played! Check out the video below:

    If there is one thing you need to know about Codenames, it’s that it’s a really great party game that can be played with everyone.

    Who can play it? I’ve run this game with both children, young adults, adults, elderlies, and even male psychiatric patients alike! (I’m not kidding on the last part) It’s simple but meaty enough that it makes your whole team really think about what words to pick. At the same time, the spymaster is really trying his best to unravel the ball of words, finding the right word to link them together in hopes that his or her teammates might see it. And the best part? You can play it with as many people as you want and it’s REALLY EASY to learn the game!


    Even better, there’s an OFFICIAL LOCALIZED VERSION called Codenames Philippines! feature on it right hereYou can check out our . It’s pretty awesome playing with cards linked to Filipino Culture and Lifestyle. It’s ESPECIALLY GOOD when you witness the chaos it causes when you mix it with the Original Codenames and/or with Codenames Pictures 😛


    Sold on Codenames? Well, guess what! As part of our Day 10 Holiday Giveaway, UnGeek and Gaming Library is giving out 3 COPIES of Codenames Philippines! How sweet is that? Now you can have the chance to try out this wonderful game during the holidays!

    Link to the Day 10 Holiday Giveaway HERE!

    Special Thanks to Gaming Library for the awesome prize! And hey, if you don’t win, why not check out the OTHER awesome tabletop goodies available on their site. You can even purchase the whole set of Codenames right there and you’ll always have that awesome game to bust out for most gatherings 😉

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