Congrats to the FINAL Batch of Winners for the UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway! | Day 8-11 and Grand Prize

Congratulations to our last batch of lucky participants! A Winner is YOU! Check to see if you’ve won in our last draw for the raffle!

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It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow! 2017 is right around the corner along with a whole new chapter for each of our lives. Now, that we’re capping off the UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway, we hope that this can serve as an awesome start to the new year for those who’ll be picked. So let’s go and do the FINAL DRAW OF THE GIVEAWAY!


Welcome the Final Batch of Daily Giveway Winners!



Congratulations, everyone! A WINNER IS YOU!

If you found your name on this list, please message us on Facebook to discuss prize claiming 🙂

Remember, in the event that the winners forfeit their prize (due to lack of information or erroneous information given to us, etc), these prizes will be raffled off once again to other qualified entries of that day.

And THAT’S IT! We’re done! We hope you guys enjoyed our giveaway! We’d like to thank our respective sponsors for some of the prizes. Of course, we’d like to thank YOU, dear readers. If it weren’t for your support, we wouldn’t have gotten here. Please continue to show your support to us and we can do even more giveaways in the future and continue to give you more geek news!

Cheers to an awesome year ahead for all of us!