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    FAQs for the Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway


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    The Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway is starting in just a few hours! We noticed that you guys have some questions about it so we wanted to clear up stuff and answer your Frequently Asked Questions about the giveaway right here.



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    First of all, if you want to view the whole mechanics (WHICH WE DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU DO), you can check it out RIGHT HERE! Actually by reading that, you should answer majority of the questions already. But just as a quick reference, here are a few of the FAQs:


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    Q: How do I win the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Holiday Pack?

    A: The PlayStation 4 Ultimate Holiday Pack is the Grand Prize to the Giveaway. As mentioned before, we will have a set of instructions that will be revealed to you on HOW to win the PlayStation 4. These instructions will be released on December 28 (12:00pm) as indicated on the mechanics. However, an additional requirement for you to be eligible to win is for you to have joined 3 OTHER Days of the Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway.


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    Q: What do you mean when you say “You to have join 3 OTHER Days of the Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway” to Qualify for the Grand Prize?

    A: The UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway is not JUST a PlayStation 4 Giveaway. The whole thing is us giving away TWELVE (12) PRIZES / PRIZE BUNDLES. Eleven (11) of those will be daily giveaways (you can check the mechanics for the exact schedule) ranging from videogames to boardgames to tech goodies, etc. The Twelfth (12th) prize is the Grand Prize which is the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Holiday Pack. But you see, we want people to join in the fun of the whole giveaway and not just line-up for only the PlayStation 4 hence you need to join at least three (3) of the eleven (11) other daily giveaways to qualify for the the Grand Prize.


    Q: So I need to join at least three (3) other Daily Giveaways to try for the Grand Prize but what if I win a daily prize? Does that mean I can’t win the PS4 anymore?

    A: Not at all. According to our rules, you can only win ONCE for a Daily Giveaway BUT, if you win a Daily Giveaway, you can still win the Grand Prize! That means you can win a maximum of TWO (2) things from the Ungeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway – you can win 1 Daily prize and the PS4 Grand Prize! Yay!

    For those who are still a bit confused, let me give an example. Let’s just say you won Prize 3. You can no longer win Prize 1, 2, 4-11. BUT you can still win Prize 12 aka the Grand Prize aka the PS4 🙂


    Q: What if I’m declared a winner already during the first raffle draw and I still haven’t joined enough to qualify for the PS4 Grand Prize? What should I do?

    A: If you’ve already been declared a winner of the Grand Prize and you STILL need to join more giveaways to qualify for the PlayStation 4, that’s fine. Just join the other days 🙂 You may not be eligible to win but you can help spread the word about it. Share the blessings and joy to our fellow geek brethren 🙂

    So example time once again. During the first raffle draw, you were declared a winner BUT you’ve only joined 1 day and still need to join 2 more to qualify for the PS4. Then just feel free to submit VALID entries to other days. Spread the word on the promo. It helps others and it helps us 🙂


    Q: What do you mean by “This giveaway is open to anyone currently resides in Metro Manila, Philippines only unless otherwise specified”

    A: Yup. Sadly, we have our limitations as well in terms of shipping so we can only manage to give to people who reside or has a shipping address in Metro Manila, Philippines. This is especially true for the Grand Prize (the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Holiday Pack). BUT don’t despair. We have SOME prizes that we are giving away that are open to everyone Nationwide. Some even to people within Asia! This is for when we give out STEAM GAMES 🙂

    UPDATE (12/15/2016-11:30am)

    We’ve updated our FAQ and while we still have our Metro Manila delivery/ shipping restriction, we’re opening the contest to people who 1) does have a Metro Manila shipping address and/or 2) willing to do meet-ups within Metro Manila areas (our choice of venue).

    So example you live in Cainta or Rizal or Pampanga, but you work in Makati then you can still win. We’ll simply ship the item to your office address or if you want to do meet-ups that’s fine as well. We’ll coordinate with you on the date, time and venue of the meetup. Better, right? Yup. Definitely. A winner is you! YAY! :p

    If you do not meet any of the above-mentioned conditions, we’re truly sorry. I know you won’t be able to win the PS4 but that shouldn’t discourage you from joining the other Ungeek daily giveaways that may apply to you.


    That’s it! I hope this helped but, as I mentioned earlier, please take time to read the full mechanics to avoid any confusion. 🙂

    We hope you enjoy the Giveaway! Happy holidays from all of us in Ungeek! 🙂

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