It’s time for Monkey business as Dota 2 gets a new character, the Monkey King!

The Boston Major is done and with that, a MASSIVE patch was unveiled and part of that is the addition of a new character called the Monkey King! Find out more about the new character and what he can do as we officially jump on the 7.00 patch hype!

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A few months back, we featured the Monkey King update that brought about a big buzz within the Dota 2 community. The Monkey King was a character that has been a long standing rumor but after the Boston Major, as many people would put it, S*** JUST GOT REAL!

A new patch reveal video was played in front of the millions of Dota 2 fans at the conclusion of the Boston Major and if you have not seen it yet, check out the video below to get your much needed fill of feels for the day!


The Dota 2 site was updated with new content¬†pointing to details of the all new 7.00 patch that will soon take over the game and while there’s so much things to discuss, we’re very excited about one specific tidbit and that would be the new character that is coming in, the Monkey King!

From the initial patch notes, the Monkey King looks to be SUPER STRONG, I’m expecting tons of nerf chants incoming because this hero is insane! His skill set consists of Boundless Strike – a nuke that can stun multiple targets, an escape mechanism called Tree Dance that connects to a damage skill called Primal Spring, Jingu Mastery – a sort of buff that can stack and increase damage, plus an ultimate called Wukong’s Command that puts the Phantom Lancer to shame! Did we mention that he also has a Mischief skill that allows him to trick the enemies? Let’s take a look at each of his skills below:







The Monkey King also gets an AWESOME arcana set that you can purchase which looks to be 4 sets in one, allowing the King to be garbed in each of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire) apart from his default appearance. Each variation will affect the visuals of his skills and the whole arcana set will include additional voice clips, a custom hero portrait and animation, taunts and emoticons, plus a loading screen. Check out the clip below to see the arcana in action!


But wait, there’s more! As an additional purchase, you can change the appearance of the map to make it look like it came straight out of the kingdom of the Monkey King! The whole map will feature wooden archways and platforms, etched stone carvings and much more, giving a much more oriental feel to the game.








The last of the purchases will be a Monkey King announcer pack and killing spree bundle that allows you to customize the announcer in-game to make it so that the Monkey King will be announcing all of the action!

We’ll have to see how the new character will affect how the game will be played in the coming months but one thing is for certain, after the 7.00 patch, you’ll never play Dota 2 the same way again! Watch out as we look into the other aspects of the 7.00 patch and keep your browsers locked to for more geeky goodness!