Looking for Boardgame / Tabletop Gifts? The Gaming Library Gift Guide’s Got You Covered!

By now everyone should know that board games make the best gifts, right? Thinking of that perfect game to gift this season? Well, look no further because that's where Gaming Library's Gift Guide comes in!


It’s that time of the year again! A time to eat, be merry, play games and give (receive) gifts! By now everyone should know that board games make the best gifts, right? Thinking of that perfect game to gift this season? Well, look no further because that’s where Gaming Library‘s Gift Guide comes in which you can DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING HERE!

Be it a casual, party, euro, competitive, or any type of tabletop gamer, there is sure to be a game for everyone! So just sit back and relax as we go through their game recommendations this holiday season!


The Classics

To start the list lets start with the classic bestsellers! These are the staple games that make every gamer’s list, expect lots of playtime with these time-proven gems.



Though relatively new in the board game scene, Codenames is an instant classic that is sure to be a hit for family and friends alike! Aside from the regular game, you also have the recently released Codenames Philippine Edition and Codenames Pictures to choose from!



Kids Games

We all know that this season is all about the little ones, right? What better way to start them off in this wonderful hobby than with these games!




Cooperative Games

Some gamers prefer to play as a group. Whether they win or lose together, it’s all about the camaraderie… And the occasional accusation of your teammate being the betraitor (the unholy combination of BETRAYER and TRAITOR)! Squad goals anyone? Take a look at our recommendations for cooperative games!






Party Games

Some people just want to have fun! These games make the perfect gift to those who always play with a large group. Check out these awesome party games!




Card Games

For the card-chuckers and min-max deck-builders out there, these are some of the must-have games for your collection!




Strategy Games

For those who want a bit more meat in their games, these games certainly fit the bill! Ok now I’m hungry. @__@




Its also worth mentioning that the newest Legacy Boardgame, SeaFall is TODAY’S PRIZE FOR THE UNGEEK GIVEAWAY! If you wanna get it, you can check the mechanics on this link here and you can join by going HERE!



Stocking Stuffers

These mini games might be small in size, but they pack a punch! Check out these stocking stuffers for good quality games that wont break the bank.





RPG/ Pen and Paper

More of the imaginative and story based type of player? These are the games for you!








Maybe your friend doesn’t want more games since his shelf is already full? Maybe he just wants sleeves to protect these games? Not sure if it’s the right size? Don’t worry, as Gaming Library has all of them! (Yes, even the weird hobbit sized cards) Check out the size-chart below:



That’s it! There are of course a lot more games to choose from. And for the whole list of games, do check out Gaming Library’s official website

Tis the season of geeking! May your holidays be bright and cheerful and as always, keep on boardgaming!