Now THIS is a Boss Fight! Final Fantasy XV “Holiday Pack” DLC Details

Not your regular boss encounter. As if work was not enough!

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During the eve of Final Fantasy XV’s release day in Japan, Square Enix hosted a special live streaming event to hype everyone come launch day.  One of the highlights during the broadcast was a special “mystery disc”. Check out the translated video above by dominationkid w.




Aside from the fact that the video took a turn in the bizarre (Like Noctis fighting Prompto’s chubbier childhood version), perhaps the most awesome thing that happened came towards the end of the video…



Yep, that’s Noctis who’s about to throwdown against Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda! Talk about a boss fight! They took this one literally!



Now why am I telling you this? Well it’s interesting to know that the upcoming free holiday DLC this December will feature this exact same battle! Now’s your chanced to get your behinds handed to you by the boss himself! Not only that, part of the DLC will include a “New Game +” and a “Level Cap Creation Feature” as well.


Did I mention that the next DLC will be FREE? No word yet on when it will release, but its safe to assume that it will be available for download before the end of the month.