Rogue Life “Sweet Escapade” is a community event organized by publisher OnPlay where they will be giving away a jaw-dropping $5000 worth of in-game items, until December 17.

Yes, you read it right, $5000 worth of in-game items will be given away! Each day per week, a total 8 different events will be offered as gesture of appreciation to the game’s community.

What’s Rogue Life, you ask? Well, it’s a shooting RPG is developed by Hidea, a South Korean gaming company, features crossover RPG with a twist – real-life simulation. The game can be played in iOS or Android, which also has in-game purchases to up your game. If you wanna get a peak at what it is, you can check out the trailer here:


Like it so far? They you’ll love the events! Here they are:


Rogue Uniform



Purchasing Reward



Challenges in Gap of Dimension






Kingdom of Defense



Review Rewards



New Player Acquisition


In addition, there will be a ‘Comeback Event’ that invites all former Rogue Life gamer with no login after the event start to join. Upon rejoining, gamers gets amazing REWARDS sent straight to their mailbox automatically.



One last thing, you can also get additional prizes when you tag a friend and share these events on your Facebook wall! YAY! MOAR STUFF!

For more information about these Community Events, feel free to visit the Rogue Life: Squad Goals Facebook page.

Rogue Life can be downloaded from AppStore or GooglePlay.


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