As we get closer and closer to the launch date, Resident Evil VII (RE7) reveals more about itself and becomes more and more interesting. For PSX 2016, they released another trailer and it was just amazingly creepy.


Resident Evil VII has been highly acclaimed as the series’ return to its roots of survival horror. While it may be in First Person, the game seems to veer away from the previous direction of the series of being very Action-Adventure-y. The game also looks to concentrate more on the horror aspect of things with the moving paintings, the dark figures, etc.


RE7 takes place around 4 years after RE6. But what does this mean for the Resident Evil Overarching Narrative? Is this once again somehow related to Umbrella? Is this a new strain of Las Plagas? Is this a new Bio-Virus? Or is this a weird mix of supernatural AND biochemical? All of these questions make me want to play it sooo much!

Resident Evil VII comes out on January 24, 2017. 


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