The UnGeek Christmas Gift Guide to Toys and other Collectibles

With the clock counting down to Christmas, everybody's in a rush to get the perfect gift for someone's stocking. Here are some of our suggestions on toy gifts for the holidays.

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Thanks to Michelle Santos for adding a lot to this list.

With the clock counting down to Christmas, everybody’s in a rush to get the perfect gift for someone’s stocking. To help you out with your Christmas shopping list, we’ve got a few suggestions here for your toy-collecting and kid-at-heart giftees (and sneak in a gift for yourself as well).

First on our list are plushies. Who can resist these lovable and huggable little balls of fluffiness? Check out some of these cuties:


These adorable Marvel and DC plushies are available via Kramer Toy Warden, and range from Php600.00 to Php1500.00.


These “Kawaii Cubes” are cute stackable mini plushies and feature characters from popular cartoons like Scooby-doo, The Flintstones, and Looney Tunes. These are available at Hobbes and Landes branches for Php100.00 each.


Everyone’s favorite beagle Snoopy is available as a medium-sized plushie at Toys ‘R Us branches with Php200.00 off.


Catch your very own Pikachu at Toys ‘R Us branches for only Php1500.00. Definitely easier than spending a bunch of lures and Pokeballs.


Don’t forget this life-sized Snorlax plushie! At 1.5m tall and 1.3m wide, this sleeping giant is currently featured at Changi Airport in Singapore. You can also get your very own Snorlax at Kramer Toy Warden for a cool Php13000.00.

Next up are Lego figures and sets. These are perfect for kids of all ages, and the minifigures are sure hits for collectors. With titles ranging from Marvel/DC to Star Wars, you’re sure to find these excellent stocking stuffers.


Lego Disney Minifigures


Lego Minifigures Blind Bags Series 16


Lego Keychains, ranging from Php200.00 to Php400.00

Each figure is an original character with new clothing and facial designs. Most contain previously unseen accessories and are commonly priced within the Php230.00 – Php270.00 price range.




Lego sets are more expensive, with prices ranging from Php700.00 and up. Visit a Lego Certified Store (at Park Triangle BGC, Alabang Town Center, and Trinoma Mall) and check out their Christmas sale from 12/17 to 12/26.

Get your nostalgia kicks going with these video game and retro-inspired collectibles. These blasts from the past make great novelty gifts for a wide range of generations, from the 80s to the 2000s.


Remember having this gadget when you were a kid and marveling at seeing colorful photos in a mini-projector? Now, the View-Master is back and ready to take on the world of virtual reality! The kid-friendly View-Master starter pack will surround you with 360-degree environments and immerse you in a virtual environment, all for the low price of Php2429.75 at your nearby Toys ‘R Us store.


Bring your lunch in style with the GameBox. This Game Boy-inspired plasticware keeps your food nice and safe while introducing some retro flair to your  lunch hour. You can get this at Quirks for Php695.00.


If you ever wanted your very own Blinky or Pinky, look no further than the Pac-Man Ghost Light! This color-changing mood light has two different modes to choose from – a standard mode which cycles through the 16 colors repeatedly, and a “Party Mode” for a more amazing experience. You can get these at Quirks for Php1895.00 – just be sure to have their yellow pellet-munching adversary nearby to keep you safe.


Nerf Gun sale at Toys ‘R Us, grab one now!

Want to give the gift of fun? Consider giving Nerf guns. These foam-tipped dart pistols feature high accuracy and power for toy guns, and at the same time do not pose any significant danger to the target. Give your officemates a bunch of these and you’re bound to have a good team building activity.


For your sophisticated techie, we suggest the MyDrone CX40, a sweet package of electronics to take your videos and photos to the next level (literally and figuratively). Check out these specs:

  • 4D channels, 6-axis gyroscope
  • 3D stunt and tumbling
  • 30MP HD camera for video and photo
  • Real-time image transmission within 30 meters via Wifi connectivity
  • 2.4 GHz remote dual controllers via Wifi connectivity
  • Select between multiple speed settings

This cool toy is available in, Hobbes and Landes, and Toys ‘R Us for Php3000.00 and up.


Gunpla models are also good gift suggestions, especially for your model kit enthusiast friends. These models get more sophisticated with each year, and recent products feature parts customization and interchangeability. Prices range anywhere from Php500.00 to Php2500.00 and up, and can be found at a number of toy stores nationwide.



One of the most popular trends in the toy market nowadays is the Funko Pop vinyl line. These delightful vinyl figures feature popular characters from mainstream series like Marvel/DC, Game of Thrones, Disney and several others. These are wonderful gift ideas for everyone, and you can get these for Php400.00 to Php1800.00 at Hobbes and Landes, Big Boys Toy Store, Kramer Toy Warden, and at several other toy stores.


For more chibi figure fun, check out the Nendoroid product series by Good Smile Company. These cute little plastic figures feature characters mainly from anime series, but recent releases have also included characters from the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. I generally go to Great Toys Online for these, and prices can go from Php1500.00 to Php3200.00. Feeling more extravagant? Take a look at the Jumbo Nendoroid Hatsune Miku figure, which sells on eBay for a sweet price of Php12000.00.

That’s our list for now. There are still a lot more toys out there, and we’ve only started to scratch the surface. Hopefully we’ve been able to help you out with your Christmas shopping. Happy Holidays to everyone!