BenQ has recently announced its home video projectors lineup and all we can say is… WE WANT ALL OF THEM!

Tired of viewing the latest TV shows and movies on your old television set? Step up your game with these full HD projectors from BenQ and be the star of the show!

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Long gone are the days when a 32″ LCD tv was the standard and in this day and age of modern technology, where displays are just getting bigger and thinner at the same time, you have to choose wisely where to spend your hard earned cash on. While everyone is riding the trend of curved displays and OLED screens, BenQ is laughing happily in the corner, taking over the the title of being the global DLP® projector leader with number one market share position in the 1080p Full HD segment. BenQ just recently announced their newly launched home video projectors lineup and these babies are sure to elevate your home theater setups to a whole new level!

The lineup consisting of the W1110, the W2000, and the W3000 are set to bring a true movie theater experience with sharp and crystal clear picture quality thanks to the BenQ technology that allows these projectors to achieve the Rec. 709 standard for HD color reproduction. This only means that every image and scene that comes out from these projectors is as crisp and detailed as it can get. Equipped with a 1080p full HD optical system as well as features like lens shift, side projection, short-throw technology, big zoom, and full HD wireless connectivity, you can enjoy professional quality audio and video in your living room!



Apart from the solid visuals that these projectors can churn out, it doesn’t hurt to admire the design of the hardware as well. Draped in a luxurious combination of gold and silver, these projectors look absolutely stunning! The gold lining just exudes sophistication, while the body offers a clean and sleek shine to the whole package. While it certainly looks good, it doesn’t just look good for no reason at all. The enhanced airflow and fan architecture reduce acoustic noise to 27 decibels in eco mode, the lowest fan noise in its class, so that the user can concentrate on the movie above anything else. Check out more shots of this beautiful piece of hardware below.


BenQ, founded on the vision of bringing enjoyment and quality to life, is doing just that by providing us cutting edge technology right in the comfort of our own home. With a growing portfolio of solutions spanning from projectors and monitors to mobile computing devices and lighting, 2017 is looking to be a good year for BenQ and we as consumers can only look forward to more amazing products that will make our day to day experience truly amazing! For more information on the projectors that were recently announced or any other product, check out the BenQ page!