Its Morphing Time! 5 Things to Look Forward to in Saban’s “Power Rangers” Movie | Watch the new trailer!

Watch the New Trailer the "Saban's Power Rangers" (2017) . Remove term: #PowerRangersMovie #PowerRangersMovie

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As someone who grew up watching the Power Rangers and spending a lot of time trying to imitate the awesome kicks and flips for the longest time, can I just say that I’m extremely excited for this? Lionsgate and Saban just recently released a new trailer of the upcoming Power Rangers movie and you can watch it here!

Unlike the previous teaser trailer which was had a more serious tone to it, this latest trailer gives a sneak peak of the cast in full action, plus a number of first looks! Check out the 5 things we are excited about!

1. Rita Repulsa in Action!

Elizabeth Shue as Rita Repulsa

Though the previous trailer already includes Elizabeth Banks in costume as the evil alien invader Rita Repulsa,  this new trailer shows how she uses her strength and powers to conjure a number of evil minions. Power Rangers beware!

2. Bryan Cranston as Zordon!

After months of waiting, it has finally been revealed how Zordon will be portrayed in the movie. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad will play the role of Zordon, the mentor of the Power Rangers, and original ancient Red Ranger who is now part of the powerful Morphing Grid.

3. The Megazords 

The five mighty Zords, from the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex to the agile Pterodactyl, are out on a mission and they mean business! Plus, take a peek at the upcoming ‘boss battle’ they are about to face.

4. Rangers in Battle Mode

 We then see a a glimpse of the Rangers kickin’ some alien ass. ‘Nuff said.

5. Alpha 5

And of course, Alpha 5 (!!!), voiced by Bill Hader. The robot assistant of Zordon, whose metallic body can mutate for various purposes. Awesome!!

The new Power Rangers movie features Dacre Montgomery as Jason/Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as Kimberly/Pink Ranger, RJ Cyler as Billy/Blue Ranger, Becky G as Trini/Yello Ranger and Ludi Lin as Zack/ Black Ranger.

Saban’s Power Rangers is set to premier on March 22 (Philippines), and on March 24 (USA). For movie schedules visit, Ayala – Sureseats.comSM Cinemas.comPower Plant Cinemas and Robinsons MovieWorld .