Kupo! Kweh! The Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Festival Limited-Time Event Is Coming!

The event will run for a limited time only. Check out all the stuff that you can do once the festivities begin! And yes there is Chocobo racing!

Today, Square Enix released some details on the upcoming Moogle Chocobo Festival, Final Fantasy XV’s limited-time event. Here’s the video from the Square Enix YouTube Channel:


So wow. There’s a lot of stuff you can do in the temporarily-transformed Altissia…


You can visit the famous Square-Enix Cafe and meet it’s real world manager Takahashi-san. (I have yet go to it’s Akihabara branch on my end as well. Soon… Soon.)


Those who want to be up close and personal with the Game Mascots  can participate in some sort of Moogle and Chocobo mimicking via poses and dance. Honestly, this is what got me sold in the event and purchased the season pass.


Feeling a bit sentimental? Well you can explore Altissia, Venice-style in a Chocobo Gondola, the way it’s meant to be traveled.


As expected, there will of course be Chocobo races. Which reminds me of the Golden Saucer way back in Final Fantasy VII.


Make sure to shoot pictures and take all the memories with you once the festival ends. Oh you want a different kind of shooting?


Well, true to the carnival spirit there will be actual target shooting.


You can also expect the game to make twists to the usual mechanics like making warp-strike via Balloons, and fishing for well… Fish. Don’t ask… Its a limited-time fish.


According to the Final Fantasy XV Facebook Page, the festivities begin:

EU & JP: 24th Jan (AM)
NA: 23rd Jan (PM)


Just to be on the safe side, make sure to participate starting on the dates mentioned and update to the latest patch. Additionally, you might have to be on Chapter 9 as well to have access to the beautiful city of Altissia. Unless there is a way that you can magically be “whisked” away to the festival.


Speaking of dates… Can you date Lady Lunafreya here? We’ll find out soon enough.