No more excuses, Master-san! It’s time to stay fit with Japan’s first “Maid Gym”!

Y-y-you want to pump some iron, right, Onii-san? hihi.

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In 2017, Japan is leading the way to ensuring that you stay on top of your fitness goals. Introducing…the Maid Gym!


Expected to appear somewhere in the Tokyo district of Akihabara, the “Maid Gym” is one of the numerous maid-cafe-type establishments (メイド喫茶  メ or Meido kissa) that offers a unique experience of cuteness and comfort to its customers.

This crowd-funded project aims to break the mold of the typical Maid Cafe setup. The intention is to have attendants that are dressed in cute maid costumes but instead of offering butler-services and cute moe-moe pastries, this establishment offers a personalized gym experience for its patrons.

“Here, let me be of service, Onii-san.”


Kawaii Maid trainers will work with you one-on-one to achieve the fitness goals that you deserve! Yeah, master-san! Pump some iron time! Ganbatte!

“Now lift yourself up to me! You can do it!”


These lovely trained professionals, will make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly.

“Don’t strain you back! Here, let me hold you. Sugoi!”


And assist you in your posture. All. The. Time.

“J-j-just a little bit more, Onii-san!”


Your Maid trainer will push you to the limit and give you that moe workout you never thought you needed!

“That was a good training, Onii-san! Let’s do this again someday, okay? hihi”


The personalized training session ensures that you get great results that will keep you healthy and happy! It may even encourage you to go back again and again and again! Hooray for health!


The facility puts client’s satisfaction above everything and, to ensure proper focus on the client’s needs is met, each client will be assigned a maid each. One maid, one client. In addition, the Maid Gym will limit up to three (3) clients on the gym floor per session, This ensures that you get the making a quiet and private experience for everyone.

It was also reported organizers are interested to add “butler trainers” for clients who are looking for a fine gentleman to help them along with their training as well. Oh yes, ladies! This one’s for you! “Butler-san, will you give me a backrub?” 😉 *wink*

If you’re in the area, definitely check out Maid Gym. It’s a highly unusual way to get fit but, hey. If it helps you with your fitness goals and encourages you to workout more, then by all means try the service out. There is a bit of a catch, though, as prices are a bit more pricey than your regular gym session. A single 50-minute workout costs 7500 yen ($66) and there is a 10,000 yen-membership fee required before the first session.

To know more and be a member of Maid Gym, you may visit their Campfire page for details. So yes, no more excuses, okay Master-san? It’s time to get into shape <3