It’s lucky number 13 as Facebook celebrates its 13th birthday with #Friendsday!

This February 4, join Facebook as they celebrate their 13th birthday by taking part in Friends Day! Greet your friends, share the love, and create meaningful conversations with the people who make you, you!

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For people around the world, February 4th may just be another ordinary day but for the hardworking folks at Facebook, Feb 4 is a very special day as it marks their 13th birthday this 2017 and to celebrate this occasion, they are calling today as “Friends day”!

Facebook is really a product that empowers connections and it is through these connections that our lives and communities can be changed for the better. By celebrating friendship and the ties that bind us together, we are ridding the world of negativity and bad vibes and encouraging a culture that allows everyone to smile and be happy with each other. It is through this that Facebook is bringing back the Friends Day video, a feature that I truly enjoyed when it released last year as well!

The Friends Day video is a compilation of your Facebook friends and the memories you’ve shared together. Spark a conversation and reconnect with your friends through the video and view other videos from your friends as well. It’s a great way of seeing all of the friends you’ve made through the years and the connections you have with each one. When it launches, you will be able to see your Friends Day video on your Facebook home page and you may edit it and share it with your friends if you choose to do so (but, why wouldn’t you?)! By viewing and sharing your Friends Day video, you will be delighted to see┬áhow your friends┬áhave made a significant impact in your life and making you the person you are today!


That’s not all, the Messenger app will be taking part in the festivities as well, allowing you to create conversations with your friends by highlighting friendship themed GIF’s to make the chatter more meaningful and fun!

This Friends Day, celebrate friendship by taking time to connect with your friends and share these moments using the #friendsday hashtag, we at Ungeek wish everyone a happy Friends Day and don’t forget to stay geeky!