It’s time to #DREAMGREEN as OG gets the second direct invite to the Manila Masters!

We bled blue, and now we dream green! Team OG claims the second direct invite to the Manila Masters, get hyped!

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Image courtest of Wykrhm Reddy

The second invite has been confirmed for the Manila Masters and just as we predicted, after bleeding blue, it’s now time to dream green as the recent Boston Major winners S4, Ana, Jerax, Fly, and Notail will invade Manila once again to compete for 250,000$!

Team OG has been on a tear as of late, claiming their 3rd Major just last year and is looking to roll through the competition heading towards the Kiev Major. They’ve been crushing the competition ever since the Boston Major, and are even looking to be the big favorites to win the ongoing Starladder Starseries S3 tournament in China. The loss of Miracle and MoonMeander were big blows to the team, but with the addition of Jerax and his infamous Earth Spirit plays, and Ana, a young and upcoming superstar, OG seems to have never missed a beat. As the winners of the Manila Major, OG are looking to win another big tournament here in the Philippines and with the crowd behind their backs, they will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

Image courtest of Wykrhm Reddy

And speaking of the Manila Masters, have you purchased your tickets already? Tickets went on sale yesterday at 7pm and the premium tickets followed suit at 9pm and if you have not purchased yet, you better hurry and head on over to your nearest SM tickets outlet or online via the SM Tickets website as these are selling like hotcakes! EG and OG coming back to Manila already makes the premium ticket well worth the price of admission, and with 6 more teams to close out the roster, you can expect more Dota 2 goodness to come in the next few weeks!

Who takes the 3rd and 4th invite? We’re guessing Wings, TNC, Team Liquid, and Digital Chaos could be the next teams to accept the challenge of the Manila Masters. Got any predictions for the rest of the teams? Let us know in the comments below!