Motorola launches Moto M for the Stylish Geek

You are Gold! Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know, you're indestructible, always believe in....

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Gold. There’s something alluring about the sparkle of gold. Wars have been waged through and for it and, when it comes to the latest tech and gadgets, this is no exception.

While black is en vogue, gold will always symbolize unparalleled luxury and that’s pretty much what Motorola envisioned when they crafted the Moto M for the more stylish geeks among us.

Golden Design without breaking the bank

Gorgeously designed, the Moto M is encased fully in fine metals –something quite different from the sea of other mid-range smart phones out there. The gold lusters beautifully and because of its build, the heft give the phone a more luxurious feel than most smartphones in its range would.


Crafted for the more design-conscious geeks out there, the Moto M is fitted with a 5.5” Full HD IPS display for crystal-clear viewing of photos, movies, and mobile games.

The thin bezel gives you better screen real-estate without adding unnecessary width to the phone. And the overall size is big enough for you to enjoy your multimedia consumption but small enough for it to not be unwieldy.


As far as protection is concerned, the Moto M is fitted with a fingerprint sensor at the back that allows you to lock and unlock your phone with a touch of your finger. The phone is also coated with water-repelling nano-tech that protects the smartphone against spills and splashes, both inside and out! Bring your phone with you by the pool side or out with you when it’s raining – just make sure you don’t submerge the phone. It is spill and splash-proof; not fully waterproof.

Looks Quite Golden on the Inside Too

No matter how good your externals are, if your phone is fitted with subpar internals, you’ll end up with a beautiful paperweight. Thankfully, the Moto M ensured that it is equipped with blazing-fast Helio P15 Octa-core processor 2.2 GHz fitted with 4GB of RAM so users can share images, surf the web, open Spotify, and play games all at once without compromising much on speed.


The phone also runs on vanilla Android 6.0.1. Marshmallow (upgradable to Nougat) which does away with any bloatware UI. With 32 GB built-in storage (upgradable to 128 GB with microSD), you don’t have to worry about storing your night-out EDM tracks, movies, images, messages and game files (which eat up resources like crazy)!


To further enhance your viewing and/or listening or gaming experience, the Moto M comes with a Dolby Atoms-powered rear speaker! DOLBY. ATMOS. Yes! Providing unparalleled sounds, the Dolby Atmos app have several pre-programmed settings depending on your needs. You can also manually adjust gains and outputs to optimize your sound and music entertainment enjoyment.


For those who love taking selfies and photos, the Moto M comes with a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera. We’ve tested the camera a bit during the launch and we are quite impressed with the photos taken considering we were indoors at the time.  There’s a Pro mode which gives users full control on white balance, focus, shutter speed, ISO and exposure levels. If that’s too advanced for you, the standard pre-settings are great as is—even on low light. The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) dual LED flash automatically adjusts for natural-looking skin tones and consistent, vibrant colors.

I should really learn how to take better selfies! But look, beautifying effect = zero pores. #lavet


Gold Standard without the Hefty Price Tag

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the phone is its design to price equivalent. For everything stated here, the Moto M is priced at just Php 14,999.00! That’s one of the most affordable mid-ranges (given the specs) that we know. You can also have the total cost amortized over the course of 6 months for 0% interest! That’s around Php 2,499/ month.

The Moto M gold is now available while the dark gray variant will be available starting second week of March.