Playstation 4 software update 4.50 has a BIG feature that all PS4 owners have been wanting for a LONG TIME!

PS4 update 4.50 is nearly upon us and it's got a BIG surprise for the Playstation nation! Check out the features coming up in 4.50!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Sony Playstation 4 owners are no strangers to large updates, whether that be software updates or day 1 patches (I’m talking about you, Final Fantasy XV!). This upcoming 4.50 update is another BIG update, but not in a bad way! This update is bringing us a really nice lineup of features that will make our console gaming experience a lot better!

External Hard Drive Support!

Space has always been an issue. If you’ve been a PS4 user for sometime now, it almost always asks for space (like your girlfriend) due to the large file sizes and patches from your game collection. You won’t have to worry about that any longer as 4.50 will be bringing in external HDD support! You no longer have to manually upgrade the HD on the PS4, just plug an external 3.0 USB HDD into the USB port and voila, instant space! Do note that the firmware update will only support HDD’s up to 8TB, that’s probably more than enough space!

You can save your applications on the external HDD and they will still appear home screen for easy access, allowing you to plug in and play immediately! Saved files will remain in the PS4 storage but applications can be saved on the external HDD.

Image credit to US Playstation Blog


Custom Wallpapers

Coming from a windows PC, we envy the times when we can simply use any image as the background wallpaper for our home screen. With 4.50, now you can do that and much more! You can even change the settings on the home screen icons and text to adjust their display depending on the brightness of the wallpaper you chose! Photo mode in share factory will also allow you to edit screenshots for further customization.

Image credit to US Playstation Blog


Quick Menu Refresh

The quick menu has been given an overhaul and now it will give you more control over what you can do faster, without going into the separate sections for that feature. You can easily check out your friends list, create or join a party, and much more without having to traverse multiple screens and menus.

Image credit to US Playstation Blog


Streamlined Notifications

With this update, 4.50 is removing the tabs under the notifications section and will just maintain the section as a big list so you can see all your notifications without going into each category one by one. You can also choose to customize which notifications appear on screen so you are only reminded of the notifications you deem important.

Image credit to US Playstation Blog

PSN activity feed posting and 3d Blu ray on PSVR capability will also be included on the 4.50 update, among other various items on the list. Like we said, this update is MASSIVE and we really can’t wait for this to go live. Right now, the patch is being tested on beta so expect this to go live as soon as all the bugs are ironed out. You’ll definitely want to prepare your internet bandwidth to download this update the moment it goes live!