School Idol Live! SM Cinemas to Stream Aqours First Love Live!

SM Cinemas will be streaming the first Aqours live concert this February 25! Check out the details here!

Breaking news from the school idol universe – SM Cinemas will be offering an exclusive live streaming of the first-ever live performance by Aqours, the voices behind the characters of the hit anime Love Live! Sunshine!!


Aqours (pronounced as “aqua”) is the extremely popular idol group formed by the 9 students of Uranohoshi High School, and this February 25 – 26 they will have their first live concert titled “Aqours First Love Live! Step! Zero to One“. SM Cinemas will be streaming the live concert at SM Megamall Cinema 3 from 4:30pm onwards.


Don’t miss this chance to experience the J-pop sensation that is Love Live! Tickets will soon be available at the SM Cinemas site, so mark your calendars and get yours soon!