The Hype Train Continues! Ghost in the Shell is looking Better and Better!

Ghost in the Shell is right around the corner and we are teased, yet again, with 2 new posters, featuring Scarlett Johansson as Major!

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As if the hype for Ghost in the Shell wasn’t enough, Paramount Pictures reveals 2 brand spanking new posters that gives off a futuristic kick-ass vibe, with none other than Scarlett Johansson at the middle of it all!

Set in the future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is a cyber enhanced soldier, capable of stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals. With technology at an all time high, terrorism has reached a new level, with the bad guys being able to hack into people’s minds and control them to do whatever they wish. As Major steps into this war, she wages her own personal war as well as she fights to uncover the secrets of her past so she can move forward to save the future. If you have not seen the trailers yet and are skeptical about anime to movie adaptations, this could change your mind:



But wait, THERE’S MORE!

It looks like Video Gaming Legend, Hideo Kojima (the man behind the Metal Gear series) himself is climbing aboard the hype train as well! This image was put up on his Twitter account just minutes ago.


Ghost in the Shell is based off of the internationally acclaimed Japanese manga of the same title, “The Ghost in the Shell” and will hit Philippine cinemas on March 29, 2017Ghost in the Shell is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.