We’re back with another episode of HELPLESS GAMER! This time we’re joined by the awesome Seikachu (aka KL So Chan) and DC Dominguez and they’ll continue our Resident Evil 7 Adventure. Check it out!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Helpless Gamer, it’s where we hook up one person to the PSVR so that they get FULL IMMERSION into the game. The catch is, they have NO CONTROL as the controller is given to another person. The 2 people will have to work together to get through the game. It makes for a lot of screams and fun 😛

Special thanks to Seikachu and DC for joining us on this episode. We’ll have a new episode of Helpless Gamer up soon featuring a very special guest! Stay tuned for that!

This episode is presented to you by the GG Network.



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