Baguio City, Philippines – The summer capital of the Philippines just had their month-long “Panagbenga Festival” (Flower Festival) which is an annual celebration that gives tribute to the city’s blossoms and is certainly one of the main attractions during this hot season.


ASUS Philippines joined in the float parade recently for which the ASUS’ ZenFone Float won second runner-up in the Small Float Category, which was the first tech-based brand to do so in the competition.


In pushing their advocacies, all their winnings went to the Baguio City National High School. A generous donation worth PHP 100,000 came in the form of brand new ASUS computer equipment.

From Romulo M. Flora, Secondary School Principal, Baguio City National High School:

“Even though our teachers are trained in using manila paper and cartolina as teaching aids, it would still be better with a laptop because that’s now the common medium for instruction. And with these new computer equipment, I know our teachers will be able to deliver better lectures,”

From George Su, Country Manager of ASUS Philippines Systems Group:

“Empowering Filipino students remains to be one of our long-term advocacies in the Philippines. We the help of various partners, ASUS were able to transform lives of more than 50,000 students through our e-learning facilities across the country. We have witness the results of these efforts and we want to continue and expand this through various initiatives – and this simple act of donation will be one of many”

The school will use the brand new ASUS equipment in its Hillside Annex campus, which hosts 250 students and 9 teachers. Prior to that, the school did not have a computer lab, so this will certainly help empower the next generation through the use of current technology.


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