Celebrate ‘Miku Day’ today with 39 Hatsune Miku Songs!

March 9 is Hatsune Miku Day, so we're bringing you 39 of our favorite songs by the electron diva!

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March 9 is well-known in the Vocaloid fandom as Miku Day. Why?

Well, in Japanese, the number 3 can be read as “mi” and the number 9 can be read as “ku” – which makes March 9 (or 3/9) “Miku“! This is also why the number 39 is frequently associated to everyone’s favorite virtual pop superstar.

What better way to celebrate the day of the electron diva than by going on a sound trip of ∫? Take a musical stroll with Hatsune Miku as we bring you a list of 39 of our favorite songs from the Project Diva video games:

  • World is Mine

  • Koisuru Voc@loid
  • Rolling Girl
  • Odds and Ends
  • Kocchi Muite Baby

  • Cat Food
  • Himitsu Keisatsu
  • E, Aa Sou
  • Miracle Paint

  • Freely Tomorrow
  • Clover Club
  • Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru
  • Ura Omote Lovers

  • Melt
  • Romeo and Cinderella
  • Senbonzakura
  • Marginal

  • Koi-iro Byoutou
  • Ievan Polkka
  • Finder (DLSR Remix)
  • Packaged

  • Tell Your World
  • Dear Cocoa Girls
  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Envy Catwalk

  • Ageage Again
  • Yellow
  • Gaikotsu Gakudan to Riria
  • SPiCa – 39’s Giving Day Edition

  • Yumeyume
  • Shake It!
  • Mousou Sketch
  • Sadistic Music Factory

  • Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro
  • Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
  • PIANO*Girl


  • Karakuri Pierrot
  • Ame no Chi SWEET DROPS
  • Sweet Devil

Happy Miku Day to everyone!