DESTINY awaits in a new CGI animated project from ‘The King of Fighters’

A prologue film for the upcoming King of Fighters online game.

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Orochi, Team Fatal Fury, Team Art of Fighting, Team Japan, Team Ikari, and a whole lot more personalities involved in this new computer graphic animated film The King of Fighters: Destiny. Check out the trailer below, HERE.

From that trailer, it looks like Rugal is back! What is more interesting is the mysterious connection between what looks to be the Orochi and Geese Howard, although I’m not a fan of Billy’s new look.

Judging from the trailer alone I’m hoping that this is not the final render for the film.

The anime project is a prologue to the upcoming KOF MORPG. SNK in partnership with Idragons, Motion Magic, & TFC the film is slated for release later of 2017.