Everything we know so far about the Manila Masters!

2 months to go until the Manila Masters and as early as now things are already heating up! Here's what we know so far about this upcoming Dota 2 event!

We are exactly 2 months away from the biggest Dota 2 event in the Philippines this 2017 as Mineski Events, ESL, and PLDT are all set to bring us world class Dota 2 action for the Manila Masters! Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Masters:

  1. All 5 direct invites have been announced and that lineup is looking real nasty! – We initially suspected 8 direct invites but over the past few weeks, it was revealed that there were 3 qualifiers for the event (PH, SEA, and China), leaving just 5 slots for the invited teams. EG, OG, and Newbee were there initial announcements, followed by Team Secret, and as the days went by, the final invited team was announced and the slot belonged to none other than Team NP!
  2. Where are Wings, Liquid, and DC? – Wings unfortunately did not get past the CN qualifiers and in the end, it was the legendary Burning from IG that will carry the Chinese flag going into the Manila Masters. “Liquid and DC are WAY BETTER than NP, why is NP invited?” There are some things that will remain a mystery but it could be possible that Liquid and DC may have declined the invitation, if indeed they were invited.
  3. Will there be a PH team for the masters? – Yes there is one sure slot for a PH team but this slot will be a hard fought one as only one team will emerge victorious from the PH qualifiers. Will it be Execration, TNC, Mineski, or an up and coming team that will shock the community? We’ll have to wait and see.
  4. I have not bought any tickets yet, do I still have a chance to attend the event? – As of this writing, the general admission tickets are SOLD OUT. With that said, the other 3 ticket tiers still have a few slots open, so hurry on over to SM Tickets to purchase tickets for you and your friends in what promises to be an event for the history books!
  5. Give me merchandise pls! – Don’t fret as our friends from Mineski have assured us that there will be a Masters Shop that will be open during the event and various valve merchandise, team apparel, Secret Shop PH, Mineski gear, and ESL store items will be up for sale. If it was anything like last year, you’re going to want to be early as these items will be sold out faster than you can say icefrog!
  6. I want Puppey to sign my banner! – Puppey is surely a dashing player but the only way you’ll be able to get the chance to have your memorabilia signed with these pros is by purchasing the Premium Ticket that will get you access into exclusive signing sessions with the players from the different teams!


Well there you have it folks, the Manila Masters is shaping up to be an event like no other and if you haven’t filed your leaves yet, make sure you do as this 3 day event is sure to satisfy your appetite for all things Dota 2 related! If you’re not yet hyped enough for the event, check out the trailer below!