From the sea of sand comes the Children of the Whales.

In an isolated world one boy will find out that their is more to life than just a grain of sand.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

An interesting fantasy anime filled with the supernatural and dune landscapes has caught our eyes. From animation production: JCSTAFF directed by Ishiguro Kyouhei, check out the 1st trailer release HERE.



A fantasy story set in a world covered in a sea of sand where the inhabitants live in “Mud whales” or what looks to be a giant sand ships that drift over the sea of sand. They know no other world except the Mud whale they live in until a young boy named Chakuro encounters a ruined ship drifting ashore where he meets a mysterious girl that would change his life and perspective on the world around him. The trailer also displays some of the ESP abilities that are part of the narrative.

Based on Umeda Aki’s manga Kujira no Kora wa Sajō ni Utau an original animated TV animation “Children of the Whales” will begin broadcast on October later this year.