After the initial hype from the first trailer of Spider-Man: Homecoming a few months ago, we finally get a NEW TRAILER! This time, we’re seeing a LOT of new details about the movie and its premise.


OMG! The movie looks GREAT! So much stuff was going on there! Let me take a breath for a moment as I point out all the awesome new stuff I noticed. Whew… okay, game!

  • We get to see a lot of the functionalities of the Spider Suit that Tony Stark gave to Peter Parker
  • Spidey f#&ks up BIG TIME with a something… probably with trying to chase after Vulture
  • Tony Stark asks for his suit back
  • Peter dons a new costume which reminds me of Spider-Man Noir’s costume (because of the goggles)
Close-up of the new costume


I’m so hyped! I swear, July 7 (the movie’s release date) can’t come fast enough! How about you guys? Did you notice anything else about the trailer that we didn’t catch onto? If you did, please let us know in the comments below!


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