Meet the MythBusters of the Faith in Vatican Kiseki Chousakan!

A genius scientist and a cryptanalysis expert pair up to investigate and debunk false miracles

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The Inquisition is here! Well no, not really. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Vatican Miracle Examiner) is a new anime series based on the light novel series of the same title.  I would describe it something like the X-files (without the extra-terrestrial elements) if it was written by Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code). Check out the first promotional video for the series.


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Seeing through lies, driving away deception, eventually reaching a miracle of God… That’s our job – the job of the Vatican Miracle Examiners.

Hiraga, a genius scientist, and Robert, a paleography and cryptanalysis expert, are great partners and Miracle Examiners assigned to the Vatican. They secretly examine and determine whether or not miracles from around the world are authentic. One day, they are called upon to investigate a mysterious happening – stigmata forming and tears falling on a statue of Maria. Whilst they are deciphering whether or not this is a miracle, an unusual incident suddenly occurs…
So begins the tale of these two genius priests and their case file.


The series is slated for a July release this year.