Japanese website Inside has reported that there will be Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-themed content coming to Monster Hunter XX in Japan later this year.

The video shows stuff that looks all too familiar for Breath of the Wild players, did I just see the Master Sword? You can take a look at the announcement trailer below:


This will not be the only partnership that Capcom will do, as there will be a lot more franchises participating down the line. And I do mean A LOT. Check it out:


You wouldn’t object to a Phoenix Wright crossover now would you?


Looks like Sword and Shield users will be very happy with this Strider outfit.


How about this Okami gear for you Palicoes? I miss that PlayStation 2 game!

Yep, there will also be Garo.

Monster Hunter XX will be released on the 3DS on March 18 in Japan. We have yet to hear an international release.

I just hope DLC will be carried over as well. Because those mentioned above are just some solid collaborations that I want to grab once the game gets an English translation.



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