Netflix just released its Death Note Trailer and it’s a killer!

The human whose name is written in this note shall die...

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After Death Note outs its Light Up the New World feature film a couple of weeks back, the Shinigamis deem it fit to shower us with another Death Note goodie –this time in the form of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the phenomenal material!

Check the almost one-minute heavily atmospheric trailer below:


Netflix’s Death Note adapts the Japanese Manga/ Anime and sets it on American Soil. When Shinigami Ryuk (voiced by Willem Dafoe) drops the Death Note — a mysterious¬†book which grants you the power to kill anyone whose name you put in it– towards the Earth and is picked up young Light Turner (Nat Wolff), things turn for the worse. Fashioning himself as a god, Light took it upon himself to put the names of criminals on the Death Note. The¬†sudden killing spree catches the attention of the authorities and a relentless detective is tasked to track the source and shut it down for good.

Ryuk is creepy AF!

Death Note (2017) is directed by Adam Wingard and is slated for a late August release in Netflix.