The Game of Thrones Season 7 official promo video just dropped and we’re all sorts of hyped right now!

Drop everything right now, the official promo for Game of Thrones Season 7 is out!

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Drop everything, like whatever you’re doing, right now. If you’ve been cooking breakfast, stop it. Eating? You can leave that for later. Taking a bath? Well, I don’t know how you’re even reading this but if you are, step out of the shower and get your soapy figure glued to your seats and bear witness to what could arguably be the best (and the last) season of Game of Thrones!

It’s a short one, and it doesn’t say nor tell much, but that’s just how Game of Thrones is really, leaving so much hype and intensity for such a short clip that just sends shivers down our spines! We see Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Cersei each walking towards their “throne” and it looks like they’re ready to finally meet and do battle in this final season. Battle themselves? Do they team up against a greater evil? Will it be a 2 vs 1? How many doors has Hodor held? There’s just so many questions! But one thing is for certain, and based on that last scene from Cersei, Winter is definitely here and so are the White Walkers.

It’s going to be an intense 3 months of waiting as the latest season of the highly acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones hits our sets on July 16, 2017!