This Special Edition ‘BenQ Zowie’ Gaming Mouse is All Kinds of Sexy!

What's white, shiny, and has curves to die for? The special edition BenQ ZOWIE EC1-A and EC2-A gaming mouse, of course!

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Catcalling is not advised and honestly it is looked down in our current culture but allow me to say that this particular gaming mouse is SEXY!

Draped in a white glossy coating with curves to die for, our friends over at BenQ and Zowie announced a special edition of their highly acclaimed gaming mouse, the EC1-A and EC2-A series!

The BenQ Zowie EC1-A and EC2-A White are the glossy editions of the EC series especially designed for gamers that prefer the grip and the feeling that the glossy surface provides. The color white was chosen to prevent the sweat and finger print marks to be easily noticeable after use. I really, REALLY dislike gaming mice that have a coat of rubber because it does not work well with the humid conditions of our country so this glossy coating, although being a scratch magnet, is much preferred by me over a sticky and dirty mouse.


If you’re in the market looking for a new gaming mouse, then look no further as EC1-A White and EC2-A White will be available in selected stores worldwide so stay tuned to the Zowie website or the BenQ Facebook page for updates on their availability.