A new event called Insurrection for Overwatch just leaked and we’re totally sold!

The leak is out and the new event for Overwatch looks to be anything but blue! Check out the details of the new event!

Did you catch all of that? To tell you the truth, neither did we, because we are still in utter shock as to this monumental leak from Overwatch! As you guys know, we are HUGE Overwatch geeks and ever since this dropped, all we have been doing was drooling at the reveal! Here are some of the quick facts that we do know:

  • There will be a new event coming really soon, like REALLY SOON, and it will be called Insurrection. From the rumors and whispers, the event might go live from April 11 until May 1. 
  • This event will be similar to Junkenstein’s Revenge and in Insurrection, there will be a new 4 player PvE wave-based mode that will take place in a revamped King’s Row setting.
  • You’ll get to play as Tracer, Torbjorn, Mercy, or Reinhardt in a fun new survival setting.
  • There will be NEW SKINS as referenced in a recent comic that was released.
  • There will be NEW SKINS!

Did we say NEW SKINS already? Just checking, because you cannot underestimate the power of new skins! As can be seen from the trailer, some of the new items that can be collected during the event have been leaked but let’s be honest, we really want the skins! Especially that Mercy skin! <3 We get to see Widowmaker in a somewhat revealing outfit, Mcree in all black, Genji looking like a synthetic cyborg, and team Insurrection – Mercy, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Tracer.

Stay tuned to Ungeek for more Overwatch news and let us know in the comments below if you’ll be playing the new event with us when it launches!