All Day, All Play FOR FREE! ‘All Aboard’, the Free Boardgaming Play Event, is BACK for International Tabletop Day!

Celebrate International Tabletop Day by heading over to ALL ABOARD 2.0 - the Free Play Tabletop event where you get to play OVER 100 GAMES ALL. FOR. FREE.

International Tabletop Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! 

Yup, ITTD is happening on April 29 so you can expect that weekend to be FILLED with Boardgaming events to celebrate! There IS, however, one particular event that has caught our attention and is definitely something that you would want to go to, whether you’re a hardcore tabletop enthusiast or just a carefree casual dipping his toes into the pool of boardgaming. This event is ALL ABOARD 2.0 – the Free Play Tabletop event where you get to play OVER 100 GAMES ALL. FOR. FREE. 



Here’s a summary of the details for All Aboard 2.0:

  • Venue: 4th Level of the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall
  • Date: April 29 – 30
  • Time: 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM
  • Event Features:
    • Free Play. No entrance fee.
    • Access to OVER 100 Tabletop games INCLUDING hot new releases like Gloomhaven, TIME Stories: Expedition Endurance, Isle of Monsters, Unfair, and more!
    • Organized Tournaments for various games will be held
    • Special Playtestings with Local Designers



Gaming Library and Alter Ego, in partnership with Shangri-la Plaza Mall, are bringing back ALL ABOARD for International Tabletop Day! In case you didn’t know, All Aboard was a bunch of Gaming Library-hosted events that encouraged the tabletop community to just come and play the various boardgames that are available. Heck, you could even bring your own game and set-up a gaming session right then and there! All Aboard 2.0 continues that spirit and is improving on it even more!


So what EXACTLY is happening in All Aboard 2.0? Not only can you bring your own games and hold your own boardgame session there, you also have access to 100+ games that Gaming Library will have available for the event. Best thing is that you’ll have access to games like GLOOMHAVEN which the hottest boardgame release of 2017 and is currently #7 in the BoardGameGeek global game rankings! Not that hardcore of a player? No prob! Fun casual games like Exploding Kittens and Joking Hazard will be available as well. If you’re feeling competitive, All Aboard’s got something for you too! Organized Tournaments will also be held in the event for various games! As an additional treat, local designers will also be present to hold playtests for their games. You’ll have the chance to try out some games-in-development and even interact with these designers for feedback!


There’s definitely something for every kind of Tabletop Gamer at All Aboard 2.0! So drop on by and celebrate International Tabletop Day right! Join the free event by going to the All Aboard Facebook Event Page and indicate that you’re Going or Interested.

We’ll see you all there as we, in the words of Wil Wheaton, PLAY MORE GAMES!