Final Fantasy’s XV’s Timed Quests Are Back With a Beat!


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    The timed quests are back! And this time around they will introduce a new resource called QP (Quest Points) which you can use to redeem weapons and items exclusive to the event. And how will get get those QP’s? By fishing for it, of course!


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    With the arrival of the latest 1.09 patch, catching fish will get you the new currency. Why would you bother fishing for items you say? Well for starters, grinding enough of those points with give you the opportunity to acquire the legendary AFROSWORD by Afrojack seen above (ok I might be exaggerating a bit). Just look at/ the video below, as the collaboration seems to produce some awesome beats from the Dutch DJ.

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    Aside from this, you can also compete for the best score from players all over the world by checking out the online leaderboards.

    Here’s the complete list of stuff that your hard-earned Quest Points can get:

    Afrosword (Attack 503; +287 HP; +54 Spirit): 1000 QP
    Wind-up Lord Vexxos: 300 QP
    Elixir x50: 5 QP
    Megalixir: 2 QP
    Megalixir x6: 10 QP
    Megalixir x20: 30 QP
    Phoenix Down x50: 15 QP
    Mega Phoenix: 5 QP
    Mega Phoenix x3: 10 QP
    Oracle Ascension Coin: 3 QP
    Oracle Ascension Coin x5: 15 QP
    Oracle Ascension Coin x10: 30 QP
    20,000 gil: 10 QP
    200,000 gil: 100 QP
    1,750 EXP: 10 QP
    19,000 EXP: 100 QP
    100,000 EXP: 500 QP
    3 AP: 2 QP
    15 AP: 10 QP
    185 AP: 100 QP
    999 AP: 500 QP

    The timed event becomes active on May 8, 2017.

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