Here are 10 games we’d like to see when the SNES Mini happens!

With the rumored return of the SNES in mini-form, here are the top 10 games we'd like to see when it happens!

My gaming experience as a child started with a Family Computer and a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I can no longer remember the countless hours I’ve spent with those consoles but when it all comes down to, I believe it was the Super Nintendo or the SNES that really made me a gamer for life as early as 20+ years ago. When my parents gave me an SNES before, I remember that day because I didn’t even thank them for it, I ripped the wrapping paper apart and proceeded to set it up and play until my eyes hurt. The SNES really was a gaming milestone for me and up to now, it holds a very special place in my heart which is why when Nintendo came out with the NES Mini a few months back, I immediately prayed for an SNES Mini to be next in line.

Fast forward to today and with the discontinuation of the NES Mini, rumors have been flying around that the SNES Mini may be the next console to come out and I have never been so happy, even if it’s just a rumor Flashbacks and memories of my SNES gaming days suddenly hit me and I’m trying to figure out what games I’d want to put in there just in case it does come out. Here’s a quick list of 10 games that I’d like to see when the SNES Mini comes out, I am a very heavy RPG gamer so most of the games in my list will be the classic RPG’s I grew up with. Let us know your thoughts on this list that we came up with and hit us up with your own list as well!

  • Chrono Trigger – One of the few games that has a soundtrack that is equally as powerful as the game itself. From the start of the tick-tock sound in the intro sequence, you know you’re in for a ride as you take Chrono, Marle, Lucca, and the rest of the gang on a time traveling adventure like no other. Were you able to get all the dimensional vortex treasures? 🙂

  • Breath of Fire – Ahh dragons, what’s not to love! It helps also that you get to “collect” them in this game and use them to kill the more powerful bosses. There was also a particular dragon that made everything just a cakewalk, even the final boss, did you ever get Agni? 🙂

  • Lufia – There wasn’t anything really extraordinary about this RPG, it had the usual turn based action, random battles, and basically all you’d ever want from a good RPG but what stood out for me in this game was the EXCEPTIONAL STORY. This game had arguably one of the best storylines for me and I vividly remember myself tearing up a bit towards the end of this game.

  • Super Mario RPG – Who would have thought that a Mario RPG would have been a good one? It turns out that Super Mario RPG was one of the BEST RPG’s to come out for the SNES during its time and with lovable characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone could relate to the story which made it such a big hit!

  • Secret of Mana – Don’t let the cartoony graphics fool you, this game will suck the life out of you as it did to me. I think this game took me around 80 hours to finish back then and this was because of the way the game is designed, allowing you to level up your skills as you use them and it helped that the game didn’t have random battles, allowing you to jump in and out of battle as quickly as 1 2 3. Did you know that maxing out your elementals gives you a new special cast effect? 🙂

  • Final Fantasy 6 – Arguably THE BEST Final Fantasy game of all time. Most will tend to agree, some will say FF7 is the best, but most old school players will take FF6 hands down over any game in the series. This is the complete package: lovable characters, fantastic plot, excellent system and design, superb soundtrack. That opera scene is pure love. <3

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Almost every Zelda game is a masterpiece in its own right but A Link to the Past was really the one that upped the bar for the franchise moving forward. The story was one of the best for the whole franchise and that feeling of getting the Master Sword just send shivers down your spine even until today!

  • Super Mario Kart – Our TV screens might have been super small back then, at least not big enough to make the split screen totally enjoyable, but we took what we had and Super Mario Kart was the ultimate time waster back in the day! Our competitive nature would always say “one more game!” as we didn’t want to admit defeat due to a lucky red shell or a stray banana in the way!

  • Super Punch Out – Ahh, Punch Out. I remember playing this game hours on end just to memorize and get the best time for all the opponents you face in the game! You can also find some of the classic Punch out opponents here as well, like Bald Bull and Mister Sandman!

  • Super Mario World – It would really be a travesty if this game was left out of the list. It is THE iconic SNES game and even up to today, one of the best Super Mario games ever created. Yoshi was first introduced in this game and since then, Mario games have never been the same again!

Honorable mentions include Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Super Metroid, Earthbound, Super Mario World 2, and Megaman X!