It’s not just you! | Blizzard Confirms Login Issues with Overwatch, WoW, Hearthstone and more.

Are you encountering the same issue?

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Update (12:50 AM, 17 April): Horray! They fixed the issue.

As Tracer would say “The world could always use more heroes“, so login now and start playing!


Issue in logging in Overwatch, Hearthstone, or WoW?!! Don’t worry, it is not just you!

Blizzard Entertainment confirms login issues with Overwatch as posted North America Customer Service Twitter account (6:10PM April 16, PH Time).

Then 20 minutes after, Blizzard tweets the login issues also affecting all authentication servers which includes other Blizzard titles such as World of War Craft, Hearthstone, Diablo and more.

Almost an hour and a half after the reported issue, the said issue is still prevalent, and players all over the world awaits. Guessing everybody is pumped up this weekend and “Ready to party”,¬†as¬†Torbjorn would say.

Update (8:45 PM, April): Blizzard communicates efforts to restore the service.

 Update (10:07 PM, 16 April): Game Servers are made offline.

Update (11:53 PM, 16 April): Blizzard updates that they are still working on the services.

You may try to login from time to time, but you might get lucky and login. Horray for yah! =)

For updates, we’ll definitely keep you posted, and you may also follow @BlizzardCS.

Oh please let it be fixed, I am just one match away for the loot box!!! 


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