In our passion for geekery, sometimes, it’s not enough to just watch your favorite shows or play your favorite gamers. Sometimes, we just need to take it to the next level! Sometimes, we need some TOYS to go along with our geek hobbies! But where can you get the toys that you need? Long Live Play PH has got you covered!

Long Live Play PH has a BUNCH of nice toys for you! There’s definitely a huge variety in their store. They have plushies, fidget cubes, fidget spinners, Harry Potter wands, and MORE! So I wanna just show you the things that really grabbed my attention. 



Okay. I’ll admit. This is a bit biased of me because I’m an Overwatch player  BUT THIS WAS SO COOL! They had replicas of Genji’s swords – both his Ultimate Sword and the sword he uses for Deflection. These swords have dulled metal components which add to the awesome weight and feel of the swords.



Another bit of Overwatch toys. While Long Live Play PH sells normal fidget spinners, they also sell these Genji Shuriken Spinners! OMG, they look amazingly cool!




Raffy from Geekend Gladiators and Migs from Nubs in Cubes engaged in epic (?) combat! :p

These were just simply FUN. Long Live Play PH has a wide array of Foam Replica Swords from various anime / games. Kirito’s Elucidator from Sword Art Online? It’s there! Link’s Master Sword AND Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda? Check! Saber’s Excalibur from Fate Stay Night INCLUDING THE SCABBARD? Yup, it’s there! There’s soooo much more they have in stock so it’s best for you to check them out for yourself.


Find out more about Long Live Play PH by visiting their Facebook Page. You can also visit their stores. Their latest one in Ayala 30th (located along Meralco Avenue, Pasig City) just opened. Be sure to check them out if you truly want to take your geekery to the next level! 🙂


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