A kiss to build a dream on.

For those who want to extend their post-apocalyptic adventure from digital to tangible, a tabletop game based on the popular Fallout franchise is in the works!



Modiphius Entertainment teased the image you see above on their Facebook page in what looks to be a showdown between a group people in Combat and T-60 Power armors facing off against some angry super-mutants. We can also see a deathclaw in the middle and a Nuka-Cola vending machine beside it.

It said that the game supports player-versus-player, solo and cooperative mechanics.


As of this post there is no word yet if this will be fueled by a crowd-funded Kickstarter event, much like some of their successful campaigns like the Thunderbirds Boardgame and Achtung! Cthulhu. For now they said that those who pre-order the game will get some nice bonuses when the title launches around summer in the US, which around June 20 onwards.

For more info about Fallout: Wasteland Warfare check out Mophidius’ Fallout website here.


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