A Silent Voice, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Kantai Collection the movie ALL this May.

Action, Sports, Drama and More this May!

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When news of Koe no Katachi’s sudden absence of a release date here in the Philippines came to light, it broke a lot of hearts in the local anime community, probably more than the film can ever do. HOWEVER, a new release date has been confirmed this MAY 10!



The good news does not stop there because Kancolle The Movie will be showing also this month!

Kantai Collection: The Movie is a sequel to the Kantai Collection TV series, as the shipgirls discover the truth behind the Abyssal threat.

The movie is scheduled to be shown at SM Megamall Cinema 11 on Saturday, May 6, 2017 on two time slots: 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.


UPDATE: Lastly for the Sports Fans out there, the last chapter of the Kuroko no Basket manga-turned-anime-film, Kuroko No Basket movie: Last Game will be showing locally in SM Cinemas as well.

An advance screening for the avid fans on May 7 with some extras of course.


And the general screening on May 10



Rejoice Philippine Anime fans because…