Celebrate One Year of Overwatch Awesomeness! | Anniversary Event Announced

An awesome year worth celebrating indeed!

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I’ve been very vocal about how much I personally love Overwatch. Ever since the game launched last year, I have been hooked on playing this game. I can sincerely say that Overwatch has succeeded in keeping itself fresh and relevant. Anyway, we were aware that the game’s anniversary was fast approaching and have been waiting for any announcement on what the game will be doing. So you can imagine our excitement when this happened:


YAAAS! It’s really happening! But what kind of celebration are we in for? The tweet didn’t exactly mention that part. Hence, we looked to the video for answers. What we got was a great deal of nostalgia and a look back at everything Overwatch achieved as a game and as a community. Check it out:



Not gonna lie, watching that vid made me smile and feel proud to be part of the community. It was definitely a good highlight reel for the game but, at the very end, we get the answers we were searching for.


Yes, it’s nothing super definitive but we can infer that it will most likely be an in-game special event that will happen from May 23 – June 12. It will probably have special lootboxes, Anniv skins, and more.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted on any updates on the Overwatch Anniversary!