COSMUNITY is the Geek App for us Cosplayers!

Reach out to fellow cosplayers with the one app that rules them all! :3

ONE Store Beta Now Available

As a cosplayer and con-goer nothing stirs my heart more than meeting like-minded people who share my craft and passion. That’s why we’re lucky enough to sit down with the peeps from, a new Social App specifically targeted towards cosplayers and the cosplay community at large.

The app allows you to connect to connect with other cosplayers not just around your area but around the world, even. Have a budding question about a suit you’re making? No prob, we’re sure there’s someone out there in Cosmunity that can give you the proper solution for your stitching needs. Or if you’re in need of someone to help you with (another) Iron Man costume, then this is the place to be. Heck, if you want to just lounge around, share photos, share experiences with your new-found Cosmunity friends, that’s all and fine too. There’s also an event section where you can find out the latest news and happenings around your area. To tell you more about the app, we were able to sit down with Crystal from during our Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 coverage. Here’s the vid, y’all:

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