Destiny 2 Details Revealed! | Launch Date, Gameplay Deets, Blizzard Parternship, and More

Bungie made a lot of announcements for Destiny 2 and showcased its Gameplay Premiere.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Just hours ago at an event in Los Angeles, Bungie made a lot of announcements for Destiny 2 and showcased its Gameplay Premiere. Here’s a quick rundown of details that were given.


Launch Date is Finalized

Yup. It’s confirmed. The game is coming out on September 8, 2017! It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Official Gameplay Trailer is Released

Get a glimpse at what Destiny 2 is bringing to the table. It looks great and depicts another adventure of epic proportions. Watch it and see for yourself!


Homecoming Opening Mission Revealed

From the get go, it was made clear that there are 3 main aspects that Destiny 2 was built on. It was made to feature “a world that pulls you in” with a lot “amazing things to do” and you’ll have “always someone to play with”. They then open with the mission HOMECOMING and it’s a story about how the guardians lose EVERYTHING – their home, their vaults, AND their powers. Check it out here.


A Whole Lotta New Things


Let’s do a quick rundown:

  • New strikes
  • New PVP modes
  • One new raid
  • Destiny 2 will now have 3 weapon slots – Kinetic, Energy, and POWER. This allows for more flexibility and let players play how THEY want and with weapons THEY want.
  • New Supers – Warlock’s Dawnblade, Titan’s Sentinel, and the Hunter’s Arcstrider
  • Crucible will now be 4v4 across all game modes
  • New HUDs show more information about enemies
  • Players can now launch activities from within anywhere in the world without going into Orbit
  • Upgraded Map System for easier use and navigation
  • 4 New Worlds – Earth (European Dead Zone), Nessus, Titan, and IO


Clans and Guided Games will be Introduced to Destiny 2

Yup. The game will finally have a clan system as well as a reward system will also be introduced to benefit everyone in the clan.


Guided Games is a system that they’re trying out that links both Solo Players and Players within Clans. Solo Players will be able to select the clan they can pair with for accomplishing certain Strikes, etc. while this also helps clans fill up empty slots in their group.


You can check out this video that summarizes the Clans and Guided Games systems here:


Destiny 2 on PC can be played exclusively on Blizzard’s Battle.Net

Destiny 2 has found a new home on its venture to the PC realm in Blizzard’s Battle.Net system. You can also check out a few details on this and an FAQ here.


That’s it! Are you looking forward to Destiny 2? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. If you want to watch the whole Destiny 2 GamePlay Premiere, you can do so by checking out the vid below!