What’s the best way to motivate you to get up and running in the morning? Being chased by zombies of course! But this is not your typical zombie fun-run… What makes this all the more special is that this time you are running for your life in a Biohazard (Resident Evil) Scenario! Specifically one that re-creates a part of Raccoon City! Check out the video below:



Participants are playing the role of a survivor in a (what else?) zombie outbreak and will have wear a clear vest with pockets. The objective is to complete missions on the 2-kilometer race track without losing your vest to the zombies.

If you are interested (and happen to be in Japan) the event will happen at Shinagawa, specifically at the Ohi Racecourse at 9:00 a.m. JST. Joining at the run are special guests comedian Hiroshi Shinagawa and the idol group Kamen Joshi. Additionally those who will join will get some promo swag like a special card commemorating the event, a baseball cap, and dog tags with their participation number and the date of the run.


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