Nintendo Fans, Today’s the Day We Raid Uniqlo! | Limited Edition Uniqlo Nintendo Shirts

If you like Nintendo in any sort of way, you'll love these Shirts!

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Yup, today’s the day. May 15 is finally here! This day marks the launch of the Uniqlo Tshirt Grand Prix (UTGP) Nintendo Collection! If you like Nintendo in any sort of way, you’ll love these Shirts!


Awesome, right? There are designs for the various Nintendo franchises. Mario? Check! Zelda? Check! Metroid? Check! Pokemon? You got it! and oh, so much more!



Legend of Zelda


You can check out the available designs below. I gotta say though, it’s almost criminal how some of the designs for KIDS aren’t available for ADULTS. Especially when some of those Kids Designs are just SO GOOD. 🙁 Click the links to see them for yourself.


Just a quick advisory, some Uniqlo branches will be closed throughout the week due to their annual inventory audit. Be sure to take note especially if you’re hunting for them sweet sweet Nintendo shirts :p